How to Stop Smelly Feet | 10 Easy Home Remedies

There are people who tend to forget giving extra care to their feet. A regular habit of keeping your body always clean can give you lesser chance of having smelly feet. It is important to have a warm bath as soon as you arrive home from work or from a long travel.

Wondering: why do my feet stink?

Cleaning the whole body and changing your clothes regularly are the keys to give you total relaxation your body needs. Without these, your feet would surely suffer from being smelly and stinky. Because your feet are usually covered with your shoes and socks and generally get tired during the day, therefore extra care is needed for them.

There are few who think different!!

There are people who believe that washing their tired feet after a day’s work may cause varicose veins and muscle spasm and this is the reason why they delay or sometimes skip washing. To keep your feet clean and odor-free, it is advisable to wash them with warm water when bathing the whole body is not possible.

Here are the some ways t which will help you understand how to get rid of foot odor:

why do my feet stink

1. Dry Your Feet Completely :

Washing your feet your feet should be given extra attention. There are people who wash the feet without soap and then without drying it completely they where their shoes, because of the moisture in their foot it becomes smelly. Freeing your feet from moisture like sweat and dirt is very necessary to avoid bacteria and fungi to grow and multiply. After washing, you should always wipe off your feet with a clean cloth and don’t forget the areas between your toes. If you think wiping is not enough, you can dry your wet feet using a fan.

2. Dry Your Shoes Completely:

• Drying your shoes completely before wearing it is another way of preventing your feet from bad smell.
• When drying it under the sun, be sure to take out the inner portion and open your shoes wide enough for the sun’s heat to hit its surface.
• If you think drying it the whole day was not enough, air dry your shoes with an electric fan will be the solution.
• Using a hair blower or dryer also helps because the hot air being released will make your shoes dry fast and it will kill bacteria and fungi.

3. Sanitize your feet to avoid foot odor:

Just like the hands, feet should also be sanitized with a hand sanitizer or with a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol. It is a practical way of sanitizing and disinfecting so that your feet will be free from bacteria that has caused bad smell.

4. Deodorize your feet:

It is not common to use underarm deodorant for your feet but sweating in the underarm and feet can be prevented with the same procedure. It is important to avoid sweating in both areas of your body so that the odor caused by the presence of moisture can be controlled.

Apply this formula before wearing closed footwear just like shoes or boots. If you intend to wear slippers or sandals, do not use it because your feet will be slippery and very uncomfortable as you walk.

5. Use feet scrub:

Dead skin cells in your feet requires to be scrubbed and exfoliated to prevent the bacteria to inhibit which may cause odor. You can have your own foot spa at home by soaking your feet in soapy warm water before scrubbing and scraping your feet with brush or any abrasive instrument to eliminate dead skin.

6. Soak Your Feet:

how to get rid of foot odor

This is also a wonderful home remedy for stinky feet. All you need is some Vinegar, water and baking soda. Soak your feet with these mixtures:

1) 1 part vinegar with 1 part isopropyl alcohol or
2) 1 part vinegar with 1 part water, few scoops of baking soda and a few drops of thyme oil

These products are safe natural killers of fungus and bacteria and it will not irritate your skin. You can use it daily for best results to eliminate bad odor.

7. Powder Your Feet to let them Smell Good:

Powder controls and prevents sweating. Before wearing your shoes or after cleaning your feet, be sure to dry your feet completely by applying powder in it. You can use any of these powder formulas: Talcum powder and corn starch can dry your feet as it absorb sweat while baking soda is also a great way to prevent bacteria from inhibiting.

8. Wear Clean Socks Only:

Avoid wearing used socks. Sweat and moisture in used socks can attract the bacteria to inhibit. You are advised to have two or more pair of socks to ensure you have enough to replace the used one. Wearing absorbent socks like cotton with shoes, slippers and sandals is highly suggested for sweaty feet.

Wash your socks thoroughly by turning it inside out in the washer or hand wash it and be sure to dry it thoroughly before wearing.

9. Wear Clean Footwear Only:

• Do not wear dirty shoes, sandals or any footwear to prevent dirt and germs to get in contact with your feet.
• It is important to have your feet always clean and dry and never forget to wear clean footwear only and you are advised to wear clean slippers even inside the house.
• Cleaning your shoes after every use or at the end of the day is the best practice.
• Do not wait for the dirt to stay longer overnight to avoid the shoes to stink.

10. Use Hair Blower or Dryer:

Use hair blower or dryer to completely dry your shoes in the inner portion. The warm air released in this appliance will dry your shoes completely. Without this, it is difficult for the shoes to dry fast because it does not have direct exposure to sun and air.

Continuous treatment using these simple home remedies for smelly feet and prescriptions advised by a medical professionals is giving you the assurance to get rid of smelly feet permanently. It is partnered with proper personal hygiene like keeping your feet and your footwear always clean. Remember, prevention is always better than cure and there is no chance of having smelly feet permanently, if you give constant care and attention to this problem.

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