“Big event on the calendar and you can’t fit into that pretty red dress of yours?”

Weight gain is a common health issue among all age groups. Have you had it with waking up at dawn for a run, or those strict diets, or intake of expensive pills to lose that ounce of fat you have gained over the years? Does standing on the weighing machine mull over your spirits? Then, why not skip these demanding ways of life and follow some miraculous home remedies for weight loss.

Water-The Secret Weapon for Weight Loss:

You never know the worth of a glass of water till you gather that extra flab around your tummy. ‘Calories in and calories out ‘is surely to be followed to get the result in few weeks. When you keep hydrating your body, you burn more calories. Every time you eat or drink your body has to work to process whatever is coming in. The researchers have concluded that increasing water intake by 1.5 liters per day would increase daily caloric burn by about 200 calories .So how much water one should drink in a day ?8 to 10 glasses of water is the MANTRA. Researchers at the University of Michigan have found that ‘staying hydrated helps your heart pump blood more efficiently to your muscles, which then makes them work more efficiently—was especially important  for anyone with a BMI(body mass index)over 25,which is technically overweight’.


Aromatic Ginger For Weight Loss:

Ginger, the healthiest spices in the world has thermogenic effect—means it heats up the body. This thermogenic effect of ginger suppresses appetite for long and helps you to take in fewer calories. Take one inch long ginger, grate and boil with water to mix with green tea. Drink in the morning, after you have your 2 glasses of water. Alternatively, make a hot beverage with 2 grams of ginger powder and drink after your meal.

Garlic-The Plant Talisman:

There is more beneath the skin of a garlic than you think. We all are aware of its medicinal benefits but you will be mad about the herb when you see its amazing effect on your belly fat. Garlic is fat- flusher, boosts metabolism and eliminates fat from your cell. For a better result, crush 2-3 cloves and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Bake till tender or shallow fry for a minute or two. Take this wonder herb on an empty stomach or 30 minutes before your meal.

Awesome Oats:

Forget those fancy foods on your breakfast table. Switch to this low calorie and high fiber content ideal breakfast- oatmeal porridge.The high fibrous food slows down the digestion process and keeps you away from food for a long time.  It is time to soak your oats and harvest the benefits of this power pack food.

Nutritive Nuts:

Eat a fist full of nuts on a religious basis. The protein, fat and fiber content of nuts make you feel full-helps you to control your appetite and reduces your calories. Add some walnuts to your oatmeal porridge or toss almonds and peanuts into your salad and enjoy a significant loss in your weight.

Protein Power.

Stick to a high protein diet and watch a sea- change on your waist- line. Be careful while choosing the protein for your diet. Choose protein that are nutrient rich and low in saturated fat. If you are a non –vegetarian, you can consider lean meat, sea food, eggs and fish. For vegetarians we would suggest black beans, soy, lentils and spinach.

 Goodness of Fruits:

Fruits are natural super foods and a wonderful gift to the mankind with immense benefits that help in weight loss. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and many phyto-nutrients. You should add 2-3 portions of fruits on your diet to meet up your target. Add one pear in your afternoon snack. Simultaneously, take ½ bowl of grape fruit before meal and see the change after few weeks.

Stir some Soup:

Soup, the ultimate hunger-killing meal keeps your stomach full, providing you with all vitamins and minerals, your body needs. Take a bowl of tomato-cabbage soup or spinach and lentil soup, before your dinner and lose inches faster. This quick and easy to make home remedy for weight loss can be substituted with your afternoon snack.
Though the foundation for successful weight loss is, eating well and exercising, you can power up your efforts by following these simple, healthy and effective home remedies .


Summing up, fuel your body with water, take a protein rich diet, have some nuts, add ginger and garlic in any form, have soup. You can safely lose 3 or more pounds a week at home following these home remedies.