It has been years you deliberated going to the gym, but today you finally rallied the will power to change your lifestyle?  Looking in the mirror you suddenly realise that you need to lose that extra ounce of weight and decide to go for a run in the morning? Festivals round the corner and you have to start the yearly spirited cleaning session?  After all this, when you eventually hit the bed at night, do you feel a searing pain in your legs, causing unrest and making you keep wide-awake?

Leg pain is a soreness experienced anywhere in the leg and can feel like a dull throbbing or a deep shooting sensation. Leg pains at night is a common phenomenon and usually occurs in the calf muscles. Most leg pains commonly arise due to exertion, overuse or due to some injury. However, there can be varied other reasons which cause leg pain such as dehydration, unwarranted physical activities, continual standing, prolonged use of high heels etc.

It is not wise to take the aid of pain-killers every time you experience a pain in your leg as these medicines have side-effects of their own and we sure do not want to be a prey to those side-effects.

So instead, why not find relief in some easy, effective and innocuous home remedies and say goodbye to those excruciating pains.

Here are some easy home remedy to get relief from leg pain:

The miracle called ‘Massage’ – For Leg Pain:

“Don’t endure those agonizing pains any further and provide your twitchy legs a gentle massage.”
Remember the childhood days, when our grandparents would ask us to massage their legs/hands as they go to bed at nightfall after completing the day’s chores? Well, it seems they were not off beam when they recommended massage as a remedy for getting rid of body pains.

This age old method is a great home remedy for leg pain at night. Massage provides quick rescue from muscle damage that causes pain. “Researchers and scholars have established that 10 minutes of massage therapy diminishes inflammatory signaling after exercise-induced muscle damage.” Also, taking massages on a daily basis will not only relieve pain but also recover your damaged leg muscles.

So take a leaf out of your grandparent’s old chronicle, the next time you find yourself troubled with leg pain and help yourself with a relaxing massage. All you need to do is lie down and massage the affected area gently with luke warm coconut oil. You can also use 2 table spoons of mustard oil mixed with few pieces of camphor. Massage for 10 minutes and discover the wonder home remedy work its magic.

Remedy for Leg pain – The heat Therapy:

Don’t get confused by the caption and use a hot compress to find relief from the unpleasant pain and swelling in your legs. Heat therapy is the best when you need to ease pain due to injuries. It also comes handy when you are experiencing muscle pains or sore joints caused by arthritis. Applying heat to the sore area will help relax the stiffened muscles by promoting better blood flow to the affected area.

For this remedy you can make use of a hot compress that can be arranged in the realms of your home. Soak a towel or washcloth in hot water. Squeeze out the excess water to make it firm. Place the towel on your calf area and leave it on for 10 minutes. Continue the process on both the legs till your pain is relieved.

Alternatively you can use a hot water bottle. This again is an effective heat therapy as it maintains the heat at a desired temperature.

Home remedies for pain in legs

The golden touch – Turmeric a Great Leg Pain Remedy:

“Life is way better with a spoonful of turmeric.” This golden spice has immense health benefits and is also one of the best home remedies for leg cramps.  ‘Curcumin’, the main active ingredient of turmeric, has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. This essential spice of every Indian curry, is credibly the most influential herb on the planet. Besides its culinary use, it has widespread usage in home remedies for many ailments.

So during the cold season, when you experience those jittery cramps or when you feel pain in your legs due to an injury, find your way to the kitchen and mix one teaspoon of turmeric powder with luke warm sesame oil to make a paste. Apply it on the affected area and rub gently. Rinse it off with warm water after 30 minutes. If you don’t really feel like doing the work, then drink a glass of hot turmeric milk to get rid of the pain in minutes.

Home remedy for legs pain

The dose of Potassium – Apple Cider Vinegar:

Continuous leg pains or cramps are a sign of low potassium level in your body. So to rescue yourself from the agony let the healing begin with Apple Cider Vinegar, also called ACV.

This fermented apple juice with small quantities of calcium and potassium can ease pain and inflammation. It also helps remove the buildup of toxins in the joints and connective tissues. To use this amber liquid as a home remedy for leg pain add 1 to 2 cups of raw apple cider vinegar to a bucket of warm water. Soak the affected leg in water for 30 minutes to feel rejuvenated.

Another method is to consume a glass of warm water mixed with little honey in and 2 teaspoon of ACV. Gulp down this drink every morning to keep the pain at bay.

A pinch of Epsom salt:

Leg pains caused due to arthritis tend to be very painful. But as long as you have Epsom salt on your Kitchen shelf, these pains cannot scare you. The wonders of this humble salt has been well known for ages. Whether it is to regulate blood sugar, provide relief from constipation, exfoliate the skin or to offer respite from pain and cramping, the Epsom salt has countless benefits.

To use it as a remedy for leg pain you can try out the below:
• Epsom salts absorbed through the skin works to boot out muscle tension, soreness, and swelling in joints. Take a bath soak or apply a warm compress with Epsom salt.
• Follow a regular routine of soaking your feet in a mixture of Epsom salt and water 2 to 3 times a week.
• You can also consume Epsom salt orally but the above said methods will prove more beneficial.
As this remedy will kick in, your tired and sore feet will be grateful to find relief from the discomfort caused due to leg pains.

Top it with a Cherry Juice:

Called the ‘runner’s rejoice’ the tart cherry juice has been proven highly valuable in reducing pain and swelling of legs. This juicy remedy is the riposte to the muscle soreness caused due to physical activities like running.

Tart cherry juice has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties as its superpower and provides protection against muscle injury by securely eliminating the pain and inflammatory effects.

So, drink a glass of cherry juice with honey before your next work out and say goodbye to sore muscles.

Ginger – A natural remedy for pain in leg:

You love this aromatic herb in your morning tea and love the flavor it gives to your chicken curry, but do you know this multitasking spice is a natural remedy and the secret answer to your leg pains?

Ginger, a natural anti-inflammatory (VIDEO – Health Benefits of Ginger] has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese to cure pain.You will hardly be perturbed with muscle or joint pain if you consume small amount of ginger daily. Not a great fan of raw ginger, then stir yourself a hot cup of ginger tea.

Have it your way and give your worn-out muscles a dosage of ginger and let the warming essential oils help improve the blood circulation, thus putting an end to the agonizing pain in your legs.

So, whether you dance the night out, climb the treadmill, hit the gym or get swamped down by an injury, you no more need to fear those night long pain in your legs. Keep these home remedies for legs pain & swelling tucked  under your sleeves and the throbbing legs won’t be a problem any more.

Quick Snippet:

Make use of these awesome home remedies comprising of easy breezy methods such as a gentle massage, the cure of spices and herbs, hot compresses and have a good night sleep without worrying about the demon called “ leg pain”.