Home Remedies For a Headache That Works!!

Say goodbye to the pain from your unbearable headache with these easy remedies.

Who likes popping pills every time you have a headache? Before, taking the aid of prescription medication why not try something which is quick, easy and provides instant relief?

It is very necessary to understand your body and the cause of the ailment prior to running to a physician. After all, you can be your own doctor by following some hassle-free methods at home without facing any side effects.

In Ayurveda, the ancient science of living, headache is called ‘shirehshool’, a term generally used for pain experienced anywhere in the head. According to Ayurveda, headaches have two major causes: a sensitive nervous system and weakened digestion. However, there can be other reasons as well such as insomnia, hunger, anemia, stress, loud noise, weak eyesight etc.   Here are some very useful and effortless home remedies for a headache which will help your headache to disappear in no time.

Home Remedies for a Headache
Home Remedies for a Headache

10 Amazing Home Remedies For a Headache:

Keep yourself hydrated: Water is the ‘elixir’ to all kinds of ailments. If your headache is due to dehydration or acidity then sipping water throughout the day will provide you respite by killing the root cause of your headache.

Hot water runs its magic:

Hot water can also come to your rescue when troubled by headache. Place a hot water bag to the back of your neck or take a hot shower directing the pressure onto the nape of your neck. Dipping your hands and feet in hot water (improves blood circulation) can also help.

Sandalwood or ground clay:

Apply a paste of ground clay or sandalwood powder mixed with rose water (normal cold water can also be used) on your head for finding relief from the burning sensation caused by headache. If you cannot get your hand on sandalwood powder, you can use an ice pack or cloth drenched in cold water.

The miracle spice Cinnamon and cloves:

Few remedies can be found in the realms of your kitchen. Grind 10-12 grains of black pepper and 10-12 grains of rice with water to make it a paste. Apply this paste on affected area of the head for 15-20 minutes. Alternatively, mix ¼ teaspoon of clove powder with 1 teaspoon of cinnamon oil and then apply the paste on the concerned area for 20-30 minutes.

All-rounder Ginger :

‘Migraine Problem’? Worry not and sip some ginger (Boil few ginger slices with water and add some honey for taste). If you are not so keen on drinking the ginger water, then you can also try inhaling the vapors for relief. Another method is to apply dry ginger powder paste (with luke warm water) to your head and voila, your headache will vanish.

Coriander seeds:

can, not only be used in cooking but also prove medicinal in curing headaches. Just boil few seeds with water and inhale the vapor (especially effective for headache caused from common cold).

Salt &Apple:

If you are a sufferer of chronic headaches, then every morning after waking up, put some salt to an apple and eat it. Drink some warm water afterwards. Continue this for 10 -15 days and you will find the headache subsiding.

Essential oils:

Lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and rosemary oils can also be used for treating headaches, as they not only reduce the pain temporarily, but also eliminate it from the root. Just dab some oil to your temple and forehead and massage for few minutes or else you may also try sniffing peppermint and lavender oil. Note: Lavender oil should not be consumed orally.

Massage or Champi:

It is a type of head massage that is popular among Indians and is being practiced in India since eons. It is an Ayurvedic massage which can be done with or without oil by rubbing the scalp and forehead with palms or tapping with fingers.


Last but not the least, just relax and breathe. One of the best ways to cure headaches is to take a good sleep, as many a time, insomnia or lack of sleep and stress can be the cause for your headache.

Along with these home remedies for a headache, it would not be a bad idea to do some basic stretches of your head and neck. Like moving your neck up, down and sideways. Moving your neck very slowly in a clockwise and anticlockwise direction should also help. This could be very useful in bringing down the intensity of your headache. Hope these very simple home remedies for a headache helps you.

Simple Home Remedies For a Headache You Can Do Right Away:

  • Get Close to Nature, go for a walk or if you prefer go for a Job. Studies have proved a simple exercise or a walk can help reduce the intensity of the pain.
  • If you are in no mood of trying out the above mentioned remedies and need an instant fix. Then use an ice pack, it will ease the throbbing happening in your head and will help reduce the pain and relax your muscles.
  • It is quite possible that you got that Headache because of some stress or something bothering you. Take a nice hot bath, if you have some essential oil, you can use it. This would be very soothing for your body and the stress will wash out.
  • If possible force yourself to take a nap, if you are able to do that it is quite possible in just few minutes, magically your headache will disappear.

Stay Happy & Healthy with These Easy Home Remedies!!