Oops!!Blackheads again? Not a worry.

Now, those extractors and pore strips won’t scare you anymore. Neither those regular trips to the parlor would burn a hole in your pocket.

Blackheads are obstructive pores. It is a skin condition, in which skin pores are clogged with dirt, oil and dead skin cells. These super tiny particles when exposed to air become oxidized and turn black. And trust me; I know how those blackheads feel distressing, when you have a big event coming on.

So, simply follow these ‘real easy to do’ home remedies for blackheads and get rid of them without a sweat.


Steal some baking soda from your kitchen’s ledge.

Rinse your face with warm water or take a steam to open the pores of your skin. Make a fine paste with one tea spoon of baking soda and a  small amount of water. Apply on the affected areas of your face. Let it set for 3 to 4 minutes and then massage for another 2-3 minutes in  circular motions before rinsing your face with cold water. Do not forget to apply that moisturizer kept on your side table!!

Baking soda being coarse, is very effective as it exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and smooth while unclogging the pores containing those pesky   dead skin cells.

Honey and Spice, all things nice. 

That innocent looking cinnamon on your kitchen shelf can prove highly useful in removing blackheads. All you need is one teaspoon of honey   and a teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Mix them well, to make a paste. Apply for 15-20 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Follow this  for 8-10 days and find a blackheads free skin.

Life is awesome, with oatmeal

No more just a healthy breakfast option, but oatmeal is also a great remedy for blackheads removal. It works as a mild natural cleanser and exfoliant, loosening blocked pores that cause blackheads. All you need is two tablespoon of oatmeal, three tablespoon yogurt, a  slice of lemon and few drops of olive oil. Once you have this mixture ready, smooth it over your skin and let it sit for 5-10 minutes before rinsing.

Tangy Tomato to the rescue.

Surely, an apple a day keeps a doctor away, but Tomato juice can keep the blackheads at bay. So, stock up your refrigerator with this indispensable veggie, as it comes handy in curing those “ugly heads”.

Tomatoes rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and citric acid is a natural blackhead remedy.  Take some tomato pulp, and mix it with half lemon juice or with avocado paste to create a homemade facial mask. Gently apply it to your face or over the affected area and massage for two minutes. Leave it for 15 minutes (“just sit back and relax “) and then wash your face.

If you have a dry skin then you can add some virgin olive oil to the tomato mask. However, avoid the same if you have oily skin as it may increase the chances of acne.

The good old Egg

We already know egg white is one of the top sources of protein and have several health benefits. But it is also a secret remedy to blackheads.

How? Well, egg white can tighten the pores of your skin, which not only helps in getting rid of the existing blackheads but also reduces the chances of potential pop-ups. First, rinse your face and pat it dry. Then, apply a thin layer of egg white all over your face. Place a piece of facial tissue over it and gently press it to your face, allowing it to dry. Over the tissue apply a second layer of egg white and allow it to dry as well. After 15-20 minutes, peel the tissue and wash off your face. Do not forget to keep it moisturized.

The sweet remedy

A sugar scrub can act as a great exfoliant as it clears the pores.  Mix two teaspoon of brown sugar (you can use normal sugar from your kitchen as well) with few drops of sesame oil/olive oil  to make a sugar scrub. Apply it to the affected area and rub for a minute (In case you have acne problems, then you need not rub your skin). Wash it off with warm water.

Slice a lemon

This is perhaps the most hassle-free method for curing your blackheads. Just take a lemon and cut it into half. Squeeze out the juice in a small bowl. Use clean cotton balls and with the help of them, apply the lemon juice to the affected area at bed time. Keep it overnight and rinse your face first thing in the morning.

Toothpaste is the Answer

Toothpaste works wonder when applied over the blackheads. It draws out all the impurities as it solidifies.

First, clean your face with a good cleansing soap and then wash it with warm water.  Once this is done, apply a little measure of toothpaste to the blocked area. Make sure you are not using any of the gel toothpastes (you can try using Colgate). Once the paste has completely dried on your skin, remove the toothpaste in roundabout manner, so that the blackheads are extricated (along with the toothpaste). Rinse your face with warm and clean water and to your surprise the blackheads will be gone.

Blackheads are prominent on oily skin and hence washing your face 4-5 times a day will lessen the production of oil, which will eventually help in any future breakouts. Cited above are few home remedies for blackheads which can prove beneficial in fighting the blackheads without any overhead.


In this article few of the best remedies have been summed up to provide you with hassle-free and low-cost methods to get rid of Blackheads. Whether it is the goodness of an egg white, or the magical cinnamon, or the mighty oatmeal from your breakfast table, a  slice of tomato here or a slice of lemon there-follow these easy and quick DIY guidelines to prepare the miraculous homemade face packs  and don’t let those blackheads dampen your day.