Health Benefits of Papaya – You Should Not Miss!!

Papaya is refreshingly sweet and taste wonderful. Papayas are grown in tropical climates and they reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and they aid indigestion.  They also improve blood glucose control, and lower blood pressure, and they help improve wound healing.

Wondering – What are the Health Benefits of Papayas:


Helpful in Cancer Treatment and Eye Disease:

The antioxidant Zeaxanthin found in papayas help to filter out harmful blue light rays therefore playing a protective part in eye health. They avoid or minimize the effects and damage of macular degeneration eye disease by lowering the overall risk of getting the disease. They contain beta-carotene which helps lower the risk of developing asthma. This very same nutrient has been shown to lower the chances of colon cancer and prostate cancer. Also the lycopene in papaya showed an 82%-86% decrease in men for developing prostate cancer. The lycopene can also reduce the cancer risk, and can help those being treated for cancer by demonstrating anti-cancer activity in breast cancer cells. The properties in papayas seem to show actual cell death in cancer cells while not affecting the healthy cells in the process.

Papaya for Muscles and Inflammation:

The Vitamin K in papayas is great for bone health and improves calcium absorption.  The Vitamin C protects against polyarthritis a form of rheumatoid arthritis which involves two or more joints.  The choline in the papayas help with sleep and muscle problems.

Papaya For Asthma and the Immune System:

It also helps maintain structure of certain membranes aid in the transmission of nerve impulses and reducing inflammation, and helps with asthma prevention. Also the vitamin K and C help boost your immunity and this can help with chronic ear infections and also with prevention and treatment of the common cold and flu.

Papaya to Prevent Heart Disease:

Papaya can help in the treatment of diabetes by providing lots of fiber and helps control blood sugar levels.  The fiber, potassium, and vitamin content helps prevent heart disease.  The increase in potassium is one of the major factors in prevention of heart disease.

Other Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya:

  • The antioxidants in papayas neutralise the free radicals in the body responsible for problems such as hypothyroidism, and liver disease.
  • It also has an impact on Alzheimer’s disease because of these same antioxidants along with the increase in calcium absorption which is essential in the brain for memory and learning skills.  These antioxidants are also key in removing excess iron in the blood.
  • The enzyme papain in the papaya helps with protein digestion and are therefore considered a remedy for constipation and irritable bowel system.  Papayas also help aid in several other digestion problems.
  • The potassium in the papaya also helps with muscles because potassium is a key ingredient in prevention of muscle cramps.  benefits-of-eating-papaya

Quick Snippet:

  • In conclusion the benefits of eating papaya are various and utilising this tropical delight into your daily regimen has proven to be beneficial in many ways.
  • Papaya is not just loaded with nutritional value but it is also a wonderful fruit if you are planning to shed that extra weight off.
  • It is widely used for skin and hair growth related problems as well. Next time when you have that craving to eat some fruit, opt for Papaya or Papita and see the magic flowing.
  • There are however minor problems with latex allergies because of some properties in the skin it is a good idea to take extra precautions if you have these allergies to avoid any reactions.