How to Get Relief from Back Pain – Instantly Get Started Today!

Back pain can be the result of many things; poor sleep, lack of exercise, a wrong move, or even sitting or standing for too long, as well as just an injury of some sort.  Back pain is one of the most common occurrences in America.  Almost everyone will experience at some point in some fashion and there are those that live with chronic back pain due to degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or the result of an injury.  The key is to release the body’s natural painkillers endorphins.  You do this by exercise, massage therapy, or even meditation or yoga.

How to Cure Back Pain at Home


Get More Sleep:

Yes!! you read that right. If you have back pain, sleeping and relaxing your body is a great idea. There are many ways to ease your back pain from home avoiding doctors and possible prescription medications which may produce harmful side effects.  One of the main ways to get pain relief is to get a more restorative sleep.  Lack of sleep makes back pain worse but in contrast chronic pain is one of the main causes of insomnia in the average person.

Ugh, You May Have to Exercise:

Exercise each day keeps back pain away!!
You may need to exercise your core muscles. These include your abdomen muscles, if these are out of shape your back must take up the slack and therefore after so long you will deal with chronic pain. Even if all you do is a simple series of stretches every day, this will prove to be very helpful. You can check some helpful exercise for back pain here.

Hot or Cold Packs for Back:

You may have to use cold packs, this will reduce inflammation (which is usually the main cause of the pain) as well as acting as an anesthetic keeping the nerves from spazzing and causing lots of pain.  Heat therapy can also be used this stimulates blood flow which will bring the healing signals in the body to where the pain is located.  This will also slow down the pain messages being sent to the brain.

Mom Always Told You to Sit Up Straight:

You also need to find ways to avoid poor posture, poor posture is caused by the way we sleep, the way we slouch over our computers all day, and sitting in one position most of the day can cause muscles to spasm and cause us pain. You can help avoid this by making your work place more ergonomic, such as our chair and the level of our desk and the position we sit over our computers.

You can also use pillows between your knees or under your knees and buy a specially designed pillow to put under your neck to help your posture while you sleep.


Get a Massage and Keep Moving:

Massage therapy is a great help, however if you can’t afford a massage therapist you can buy many commercial massagers used to cover your chairs, or that you can have someone to apply to your back which will help loosen tired and overworked muscles in your back.

More than anything else though it is essential that you keep moving to avoid muscle stiffness, and spasms.  You may feel like you want to stay in bed and not move, however this is not really a good idea, you have to keep your muscles stretched and in shape to help avoid future back problems.

Other Ways to Heal Back Pain:

There are also many home remedies for pain killing. One of these is capsacin, which is found in chili peppers it is found in most of the lotions used to massage onto sore muscles. The lotions I am talking about are like Ben Gay, Tiger Balm etc.

Thousands and thousands of people are suffering with back pain. But this definitely does not mean you need to entertain this back pain in your life. Now is the right time to act and take charge of your condition and make sure that you use the advice above and eliminate it from your life forever.