Effective Home Remedies for Getting Glowing Face

“Jam-packed schedule? Partying till the break of dawn? Finishing paper due the very next day? No sleep? Does it feel that amidst all these goings-on your face is losing its natural glow and yet, you need to look radiant and beautiful for the next big event on the chart? “

How we wish, we too had a fairy god-mother just as ‘Cinderella’, who with a swipe of her magic wand, could make our face look rosy and flawless before the upcoming social do. But inopportunely, the modern ‘Cinderella ‘needs to take care of her own problems, be it finding the perfect outfit, the pretty stilettos or finding the mantra to a glowing skin.

Shopping at the extravaganza store would not come to your rescue. Neither dabbling with all high end products could give you the desired results. Instead, why not try something which is easy, wallet-friendly but truly effective in the long run. So, keeping all this in mind, here is an array of drop dead home remedies for the present-day Cinderella, which have the same effect as the swipe of a magic wand.

Here are Top 7 ways to Get glowing skin at home:

The Banana:

“Banana-a home remedy for Glowing skin?” Well, sounds uncanny but then it would be highly wrong to think little of this very commonly available fruit. Banana face mask is an astounding beauty fix that can bring back the lost glow in minutes as it has high content of vitamins and nutrients. It not only shields your skin from free radicals but also delays the course of ageing.

Mash a ripe banana and massage the skin with the pulp. If you feel too lazy to do so, then just use the banana peel as a face scrub every time you consume the fruit. Even the driest of skin will be gratified with the surprising after-effects.

ways to get glowing skin

HONEY-Your skin’s new savior:

“Want a quick complexion boost? “Then begin your day with this sweet-scented spread.
All you need to do is take a tea spoon of honey and massage on the skin. Leave it on for about 10 minutes and wash it off to see the antibacterial and antioxidants properties of this dessert food work its magic.

Papaya for Glowing Skin:

We all love eating papaya but you will be pleased to know that this lip-smacking fruit is enriched with a whole lot of skin beautifying qualities too. So, instead of burning your hard earned money on expensive products, grab few pieces of papaya from your breakfast bowl, as this spectacle fruit can go a long way in making your skin glow.

Papaya, a potent exfoliant can give you an even texture in no time. Also, it is best known for its skin lightening quality as it contains papain, a potent enzyme that exfoliate  your skin to provide a radiant complexion. Read Benefits of eating Papaya

To prepare papaya face-pack at home, take a slice of the fruit and mash it properly. Add honey or milk to form a smooth paste. Massage it on your face and allow it to dry completely. Rinse with cold water after 15 -20 minutes.

Alternatively, rub a fleshy slice of ripe papaya on your face and wash it off after drying. Do this 3 to 4 times a week to appreciate the miraculous outcome.

Tomato  a Great HOME REMEDY:

This staple veggie readily available in our kitchens, is a natural bleach and makes one of the best home remedies for glowing skin.  Tomato has lycopene, which is a powerful anti-oxidant. Not only these antioxidants make tomato an anti-aging product but also aid in diminishing acne blemishes.

To prepare this home remedy, mash a fresh tomato and make a fine paste. For better results, you can add other ingredients to the tomato pulp such as honey, sour curd etc. Apply the paste all over your face. Leave it for an hour and rinse with cold water.

Home Remedy for Glowing skin

Potato from your Kitchen:

“Are you on a low carb diet and you can’t decide what to do with all those potatoes on the kitchen shelf?” “Worry not, as now you can make use of them for your beauty treatment” This versatile veggie can actually do more than just being used as chips, salad and French fries.

The high content of vitamin C in potatoes helps to maintain the youthful toned glow. It relaxes the fine lines, eases dark spots and reduces inflammation from pimples by fighting off harmful toxins. For preparing this remedy, grate a raw potato, and apply it all over the face like a pack. Rinse it off after few minutes to experience the remarkable change.

Mighty Almonds:

The ‘king of nuts’,as we say, is an exceptional source of vitamin E which provides nourishment to your skin. The presence of high amount of nutrients in almonds can do wonders when used as a cure for skin problems.

Make a paste of few soaked almonds to apply as a face pack. You can mix other ingredients such as milk, yogurt, papaya and oatmeal as remedy for dark skin, scars, oily skin and dry skin respectively. For a glowing skin you can use a Banana Almond face pack.


It is comical yet absurd to find all these food from our breakfast table providing us with brilliant home remedies for glowing face without any side effect.  Another such food article that helps to maintain the spark of our face is Oatmeal. Apart from being a healthy choice for breakfast, it has lot more to offer to the skin. The grainy texture of oats makes it a wonderful natural scrub. Not only this, applying the oatmeal face pack on a daily basis helps to revive the skin.

Take some oatmeal in a bowl, add few drops of rose water and blend them together. Apply this pack all over your face. Leave it for about 15 minutes .Wash your face with luke warm water and feel your skin breathe again.

Today, various products have come up in the market that claim to make our skin lighter, brighter and shinier. However many of these products have side effects which do more harm than good. So instead of relying on such uncertain merchandises, why not give a go to all these home remedies to maintain a natural looking skin.

Some More Quick Tips for Glowing skin!! Which you should remember:

  • Massaging with Olive/Almond Oil Prior to Bed
  • Drink 8-10 Glasses of Water
  •  Do Not Wash Your Face More Than Thrice a Day
  • Apply Moisturiser on a Damp Skin
Quick Snippet on Home Remedies for Glowing Skin:
  • It is very important to understand what makes our skin look sallow instead of herding the bathroom cabinet with tons of beauty products which do not guarantee full-proof results.
  • Instead try these humble home remedies consisting of fruit packs, foods for glowing skin like almonds, honey and oats for a healthy and beautiful looking skin.